The dry pressure drops for 8 wire mesh pads were measured experimentally. The pads were of a spiral wound configuration and made of stainless steel wire. They ranged in porosities from 97.64 to 98.9 % and with specific surface areas from 283 m2/m3 to 593 m2/m3. The range of heights was 50 mm to 150 mm. A total of three fluid systems were used; One low pressure system using air at 1 bar and two high pressures systems Nitrogen and Natural gas at pressures of 20, 50 and 85 bars. The data were fitted to a modified Darcy-Hazen-Dupuit type equation, which included the specific surface area of the the wire mesh pads, with a mean standard deviation of ± 5.3 %. In addition a correlation encompassing literature data was developed with standard deviation of ± 13.4 %. A discussion is provided on the impact of specific surface area on dry wire mesh pad operation. Two other correlations for predicting dry pressure drop in wire mesh pads were also examined.

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