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Search deeper and find the best solutions faster with the Eureqa Dedicated Server.

The Eureqa Dedicated Server gives you the ability to run a dedicated cloud on your own machines. The Eureqa desktop software (sold separately) can then connect to these systems to greatly accelerate its computations. Whereas your typical desktop computer can perform ~25 million evaluations a second, a dedicated server can scale to hundreds of millions equations per second.

When used in conjunction with the Eureqa API, you can automate the ingestion of data from SQL, Hadoop and other data-stores, as well as fully integrate resulting Eureqa models into your existing workflows and products.

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  • Eureqa Open API

    The Eureqa Open Source API is available in C++, with wrappers for languages like Python, .NET and programs like Matlab.

  • Scalability

    The Eureqa Server enables you to scale computational power so you can search up to 32x deeper and find the best solutions faster.

  • Automated Modeling

    With Eureqa's Open API, you can automate everything from data-ingestion, through pre-processing and model analysis.

  • Perfect for data of all sizes

    Whether your data is a thousand columns wide or millions of rows deep, Eureqa can uncover and explain the intrinsic relationships hidden within.

Eureqa has been used by more than 80,000 researchers, scientists, and engineers worldwide. View a sample of the peer-reviewed research papers that have referenced Eureqa in their analysis.

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