Machine Intelligence: The Golden Age of Analytics

Machine Intelligence: The Golden Age of Analytics

"If finding the meaning and insights in data is only a virtuoso activity, then great data analytics will be as rare as Michelin three star restaurants."

- Dan Woods, CTO and Editor, CITO Research

The exploitation of data in the business world can be viewed as a supply chain, but the modern world has introduced a big bottleneck. This paper by CITO Research explains how the application of machine intelligence can break the analytics bottleneck:

  • What is Machine Intelligence?
  • What makes Eureqa® stand out?
  • How have Fortune 500 companies leveraged Eureqa®?

CITO Research believes that Eureqa® represents a groundbreaking development with its ability to automatically convert raw data into understanding and sustainable competitive advantage. Machine Intelligence will spark an analytics revolution for organizations with complex challenges across manufacturing, utilities, finance, and more.

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