Javascript Developer / Lead


Nutonian is looking for a JavaScript Engineer (with a capital E) to architect, build, test, and maintain our interactive data science and modeling application.

Eureqa fundamentally changes the way people understand their data via a revolutionary and proprietary machine learning algorithm. It automatically finds the relationships in the data and explains them using vast amounts of CPU and a cutting edge UI.

Our team is still small – everyone has a large impact and knows the CEO personally. Like other high performance teams, while we work hard, we also play hard with regular company meals, dinners, and social outings.


  • Expert in modern, single-page Javascript application architecture (i.e. React.js, Backbone.js, D3.js, Node.js, Grunt et. al) as well as HTML and CSS
  • Belief in and experience with software engineering: testing (both app logic and UI), source control, continuous integration, automation, design patterns, code reviews, etc.
  • Ability and eagerness to build a world class development team around you, including willingness to mentor more junior engineers.
  • Explain common javascript patterns such as MVC, AJAX, promises, and templating.
  • Understand common UX patterns and appreciate visual design.

Bonus Points for:

  • Degree in computer science or engineering
  • A love of programming (e.g. LOLCODE or equivalent)