Change Your Future

Nutonian's proprietary A.I.-powered modeling engine, Eureqa, analyzes vast amounts of structured data billions of times per second to build the most accurate and actionable models.

Industrializing Data Science

Eureqa has blue-chip customers across every industry. It's accelerating data science at companies like Amazon, Shell, McKinsey, and NASA.


Beck's Hybrids is the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States. The company has the ability to breed tens of thousands of different types of hybrid corn, and uses Eureqa to accurately predict which ones will produce the highest yield.

Eureqa In Action

Watch how Eureqa can streamline your data science workflow, transforming raw data into easy-to-interpret analytical models in minutes.

This video walks through the basic workflow of forecasting sales using Eureqa. 1) Import your data. 2) Determine the problem you'd like to solve. 3) Run Eureqa. 4) Interact with and interpret your results. 5) Share reports and collaborate with others. 6) Put your results into action.

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Introducing Nutonian

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Eureqa Manufacturing Overview

Eureqa Manufacturing Overview

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Eureqa Oil, Gas & Utilities Overview

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Eureqa Financial Services Overview

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