Eureqa®: The Virtual Data Scientist

Eureqa automates the process of model building and interpretation, enabling you to extract answers from your data 90% faster.

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Automation.   Speed.   Industry Solutions.

Eureqa was invented to address the two biggest scarcities in data science: people and time. Contemporary business intelligence, modeling, and machine learning tools rely on technically sophisticated individuals to glean insights by manually creating, validating, and interpreting analytical models to determine next best actions for the business. The result is slow time-to-answer cycles and lost revenue.

Eureqa is a Machine Intelligence™ application that automates much of the heavy lifting inherent in analytics and data science. Leveraging automated evolutionary algorithms, Eureqa churns through your data to create accurate predictive models in minutes rather than months.

Current modeling techniques require users to choose from a set number of predetermined algorithms (K Nearest Neighbor, Support Vector Machine, etc.). Eureqa builds numeric, time series, and classification models from the ground up, generating and updating models automatically. It's the closest thing in the world we have to an “easy button” for big data.

Eureqa is ideal for both non-technical analysts and extremely tech-savvy data scientists. In addition to automating model creation, Eureqa streamlines data science initiatives by interpreting analytical models into plain English, so they can be easily conveyed to decision-makers and co-workers. Its results are shareable throughout the organization with interactive visualization capabilities.

Eureqa's UI is as intuitive and elegant as any leading visualization tool, and its flexible Python API allows more advanced users to integrate Eureqa into their existing data science workflows. Whether used by a beginner or expert modeler, Eureqa is a powerful accelerator for data-driven discovery.

Those interested in an enterprise deployment can inquire about our custom solutions templates, which automate the entire process from raw data to answer – literally at the push of a button.

Eureqa In Action


Eureqa is industrializing data science by bringing advanced predictive modeling capabilities to the masses.

Eureqa scalability

Infinite scalability

Tap into unlimited CPU resources to linearly scale compute and accelerate data science projects, without having to provision new hardware or administer cloud servers.

Eureqa speed

Lightning fast solutions

Experience awe-inspiring performance, as Eureqa tests billions of potential models per second to identify those that best fit your data.

Eureqa right data

Automatic signal discovery

Automatically capture, combine, or transform important variables into features. Shift the focus from “big data” to the “right data.”

Eureqa socialize

Shareable results

Share data and model outputs within team-based or business-wide environments.

Eureqa trust

Take action with confidence

Leverage transparent results and interactive visualizations to choose the best course of action.

Eureqa automation

Default best practices

Utilize modeling best practices with our default template, or use the advanced settings to customize analyses.

Eureqa accuracy

Exceptional accuracy

Tested against common machine learning algorithms (K Nearest Neighbor, Support Vector Machine, etc.), Eureqa finds more accurate models in less time.

Eureqa tailored analysis

Industry-specific solutions

Automate the entire workflow from raw data to answer — literally at the push of a button.

Eureqa API

API access

Tap directly into live data streams, interface with visualization tools, and integrate with existing analyses in Python, R, Excel, MATLAB, and SAS.

Eureqa for Finanical Services

Financial analysts use Eureqa to quickly build accurate and understandable financial models. Seamlessly importing data into forecasting models for cash flow, stock prices, earnings and more helps analysts consistently outperform their peers.

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Eureqa for Manufacturing

Engineers in manufacturing turn to Eureqa to quickly mine infinite sensor data for accurate answers. With predictive models at their fingertips, engineers apply their domain expertise to explore process conditions and identify high value properties.

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Eureqa for Utilities

Organizations in the energy industry rely on Eureqa to translate their domain knowledge into repeatable predictive models. Bypassing the complex and daunting data to focus on the physical systems involved saves time, money and effort.

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Eureqa SaaS for Financial Services
Eureqa SaaS for Manufacturing
Eureqa SaaS for Oil & Gas

Case Studies

Eureqa delivers powerful answers empowering a broad spectrum of users.

United States Air Force

The United States Air Force Uses Eureqa® to Pierce the Veil of Distortion Over Mission Critical Images

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Kansas City Power & Light

Kansas City Power and Light Uses Eureqa® to Precisely Match Electric Power Supply to Demand

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Profusion Analytics

Profusion Analytics Leverages Eureqa® to Optimize Network Monitoring

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Eureqa Feature Comparison


Software as a Service

Eureqa On Premises
Eureqa SaaS Single User
Eureqa SaaS Multi User

Do you need an
on-premises solution?

Are you an
individual worker?

Are you in a
team environment?

Built for secure deployments, Eureqa On-Prem delivers the power of Eureqa within a managed environment. Businesses with high security needs (e.g. HIPAA) can now access fast, accurate and transparent answers through automatic analytical modeling.

Available add-on functionality extends the power of Eureqa throughout the entire organization.

Eureqa On-Premises is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. (64-bit)

Let the flexibility of the cloud power solo instances of Eureqa's automated analytical modeling. Individual engineers and analysts running independently can start modeling immediately with access to the latest product updates and state-of-the-art data security.

Eureqa SaaS Single User is supported on Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

Maximize business outcomes with Eureqa's collaborative analytical modeling in the cloud. Generate immediate results with shared findings and reports to scale data science initiatives and increase the analytical capacity across all levels and functional areas.

Available add-on functionality extends the power of Eureqa throughout the entire organization.

Eureqa SaaS Multi User is supported on Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

Optional Add-Ons:

Eureqa API Add-On


Automate complex workflows with Python using the Eureqa API.

Eureqa CPU Add-On


Tap into local servers to accelerate performance with Eureqa CPU.

Optional Add-Ons:

Eureqa API Add-On


Automate complex workflows with Python using the Eureqa API.

Eureqa CPU Add-On


Access additional cloud compute for greater speed with Eureqa CPU.

Eureqa Viewer Add-On

Viewer Licenses

Invite managers and executives to collaborate with Viewer Licenses.


Eureqa Desktop

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Eureqa Desktop