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Eureqa is a breakthrough technology that uncovers the intrinsic relationships hidden within complex data.

Traditional machine learning techniques like neural networks and regression trees are capable tools for prediction, but become impractical when "solving the problem" involves understanding how you arrive at the answer.

Eureqa uses a breakthrough machine learning technique called Symbolic Regression to unravel the intrinsic relationships in data and explain them as simple math. Using Symbolic Regression, Eureqa can create incredibly accurate predictions that are easily explained and shared with others.

Over 35,000 people have relied on Eureqa to answer their most challenging questions, in industries ranging from Oil & Gas through Life Sciences and Big Box Retail. Try Eureqa for yourself - it's free for 30 days.

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Eureqa utilizes a machine learning technique called Symbolic Regression to distill raw data into non-linear mathematical equations.

Dubbed "The Robot Scientist" by the popular media, Eureqa emulates what scientists have done throughout history - hypothesizing a potential equation and then testing if it is correct - but at a massive scale leveraging the power of modern computing.

Symbolic Regression works by searching the space of mathematical expressions to find the model that best fits the data, both in terms of predictive accuracy and complexity. Unlike traditional linear and non-linear regression methods that fit parameters to an equation of a specific form, Symbolic Regression searches both the parameters and the form of equations simultaneously. Initial expressions are formed by randomly combining mathematical building blocks such as algebraic operators {+, -, /, x}, analytical functions (for example, sine and cosine), constants, and state variables. New equations are formed by recombining previous equations and probabilistically varying their sub-expressions. The algorithm retains equations that model the data better than others and abandons unpromising solutions. After equations reach a desired level of accuracy, the algorithm terminates, returning a set of equations that are most likely to correspond to the intrinsic relationships underlying the observed system.

Eureqa One Page Overview (.pdf) » Visit the Eureqa Community »

Eureqa Features

Eureqa includes several tools that help simplify your end-to-end data-modeling workflow.

  • Create highly accurate models that are easily understood and shared with others using Eureqa's patented Symbolic Regression algorithm
  • Simplify and prepare data for modeling with built-in data preparation tools
  • Easily assess the accuracy and complexity of multiple solutions with built-in model summarization and exploration tools
  • Connect Eureqa clients to your own dedicated servers or leverage Amazon EC2 for faster, more accurate results
  • Generate summary .pdf reports to share solutions and performance metrics with others
  • Over 40 mathematical building blocks, including arithmetic, trigonometric, and exponential functions
  • Analyze solution fit with 10+ error metrics, including absolute error, squared error, and r-squared fit
  • Scalable architecture supports single users through large enterprise environments

Get access to your free 30 day trial today

Download Now » ... or view pricing »

Get access to your free 30 day trial today

Download Now » ... or view pricing »

Get access to your free 30 day trial today

Download Now » ... or view pricing »
  • Completely transparent results

    Eureqa represents complex insights as simple math, making it easy to understand the functional relationships within a given system that drive predictions.

  • Achieve simpler, more accurate outcomes

    Eureqa tends to produce models that are simpler and more accurate than those generated by traditional machine learning methods, including neural networks and support vector machines.

  • Start from scratch

    With Eureqa, you don't need to know anything about your data to get started (but if you do, that's OK too). Eureqa can uncover the underlying relationships on its own using Symbolic Regression.

  • Perfect for data of all sizes

    Whether your data is a thousand columns wide or millions of rows deep, Eureqa can uncover and explain the intrinsic relationships hidden within.

Eureqa has been used by more than 35,000 researchers, scientists, and engineers worldwide. View a sample of the peer-reviewed research papers that have referenced Eureqa in their analysis.

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