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Latest Version: 1.12.1 (build 7850) February 18, 2015




Release Notes (1.12.1)

Important Compatibility Information:

  • Users of the Amazon EC2 cloud must upgrade to the latest desktop client in order to use the cloud servers.
  • Users of the Eureqa Dedicated Server must upgrade to the latest server version in order to use the new client.

Bug Fixes

  • The eureqa_server binary intermittently crashed on windows when running searches with various trig functions (e.g. atanh etc.)
  • Fixes for eureqa_server.exe crashes on 1.12.0


  • Added additional protection against overfitting solutions, improved quality of linear models
  • Improved performance in CSV parsing, correlation error metric calculation, reduced memory usage
  • Improved sensitivity calculations

* Non-English users: Eureqa Desktop only handles "." for decimal separators, not ","

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