Don't Predict the Future.
Change It.

Nutonian's Data Science as a Service offering, Eureqa®, is a “virtual data scientist” - automatically building predictive models in plain English for dynamic, scalable results.

Powerful Answers

Armed with automated, transparent answers about what's causing business outcomes, Eureqa users are empowered to make mission-critical changes to strategies and processes.

Eureqa In Action

Watch how Eureqa's automated data science software will transform your workflow, all in 60 seconds.

With more than 80,000 implementations globally, Nutonian's Machine MAPPing (Modeling, Analyzing, Predicting, Prescribing) technology empowers users with an automated data science solution. Import data; determine the problem to solve; interpret the results; and collaborate with others by sharing interactive analyses.

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Introducing Nutonian

Eureqa in Action

Eureqa Manufacturing Overview

Eureqa Manufacturing Overview

Eureqa Oil, Gas & Utilities Overview

Eureqa Oil, Gas & Utilities Overview

Eureqa Financial Services Overview

Eureqa Financial Services Overview

NASA Case Study

NASA Maximizes Flight Safety